Saturday, November 27, 2010

Plentong Epic Ride 2010

I'm all psyched up for tomorrow's everything's ready...from bikes, gears and myself...all set for the 60km ride of terror....

Initially I thought of sitting out this ride and help out with the event but I guess they don't need me this time...heck...I don't mind...the world doesn't spun around me anyway....hehe main objective for this year's edition is to complete the ride ahead of half of the pack compared to being the last one out last year...I'll try to complete the course within 5 hours time...we'll see how lah?

Also, realizing buddying with another rider is not a good idea and will only hold me back, I decided to go solo this time...meaning I'll be pushing my "kederat" to the limit to see my true strength...this also means I'll truly enjoy the ride....hopefully without any mishaps...=)

all set to go!

So....if you've already registered for the ride, good luck and have a safe those who haven't....too late and too's not too late to register for the Nusajaya ride next 12th December 2010 participation in that event depends on my performance in Plentong.I haven't decided yet..hehe

See you at the starting line tomorrow....let's ride!