Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tomac 2010 Carbide SL Cross Country

The Carbide SL is the ultimate cross country weapon.

Over three years in development, the Carbide SL is the ultimate in lightweight, stiffness and pedalling efficiency. At a scant 4.4 pound frame weight with DT Swiss carbon shock, it's one of the lightest XC full suspension bikes on the market, and certainly the stiffest. The Carbide SL can be hammered through anything an XC rider or racer could throw at it.
Saddle up boys, saddle up.


  • 90mm rear travel.
  • 4.4 pound/2000 gram frame weight with DT Swiss shock, large size
  • Optimized carbon fiber front triangle, individual lay ups for each size.
  • High modulus carbon fiber with aluminum dropouts.
  • Integrated aluminum chain suck protector.
  • Low stand over height with plenty of seat post adjustability.
  • Only three sets of bearings means easy service.
  • Accepts dual water bottles on all but the small frame.
  • Available in small, medium, large and extra large.
**taken from www.mtbpros.blogspot.com

well......what do u guys think?should I?been thinking of switching to full suspension bikes lately...especially after test riding Anuar's Giant Reign....the sweet handling.....ahhhh!!!...the plush suspensions....wahhhh!!!!.....the price tag.....arrggghhhh!!!!!!!!!hehehehe

the frame itself could cost around RM5-6k.....not to mention other parts......man.....I can only drool over it.....but....if I just add in my existing parts..throw in the SLX groupset from Anuar....a new Panaracer Rampage.....brand new Raceface Next high riser handle bar with ODI rogue grips.....pergghhh!!!....my dream machine......hehehe....

but hey?...who knows, right?...=p

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  1. cara bro full-sus tomac 2010 tu...lu tinggal salin body je tunggu pe lagi duit dh nak kuar 2..gunakan sebaik mungkin..nie masanye nak abiskn duit..he he he bru rase puasati masuk trail nanati...anuar (giant reign2)