Sunday, March 13, 2011


Three months had passed since my last post in this blog. Again...I’ve been busy...I think...or is it just me being myself.....=p 

Where should I start? last entry was about the inaugural and famous Plentong Epic Ride in November...right... 

The epic ride was indeed epic for was also a disaster...all those psyching and preparations gone to waste when I only managed to crawl to CP3.....yep! You heard it right...for the first time in my life...I DNF-ed an epic thanks to the multiple leg cramps I suffered during the ride. a consolation maybe....I won a hotel stay as a lucky draw prize...and got a pic of myself in a local mag...hahaha

me, joe pepah and wire works before the hell ride

the flag off...

 me...all smiles after suffering two cramps...

Then...later in December, I participated in the 50km Nusa Iskandar MTB Adventure Ride which I managed to clear in approximately 5hrs...despite suffering cramps once after CP3...the ride was awesome (but not as awesome as Plentong trail)...with some pretty gnarly downhill sections which to me not for the faint hearted and newbie...there were also some lung busting climbs that have me swearing the organizers..hehehe...but it all paid off as I crossed the finishing line and completed the ride and earned me back my self confidence...THAT  was priceless...

 jointly organized by MCA?

A couple of weeks later, I returned back to the same trail with a few CM members and ride the trail again. This time it was more enjoyable as there were no time limits and we were just enjoying ride.
Since January this year, I only went to Plentong once....a ride with Sham somewhere earlier this month. We were the only riders showed up that morning and decided not to waste the trip there.

 Cyclemotion's Sham..Plentong trail 06/02/11
There were also several trips to Gunung Pulai trail with Murad to further sharpen his off road skills. Well frankly....I think he’s better than me....he has more stamina than me especially during climbs...I more of a bike pusher...I enjoyed going down more than going up..hehehe...

 me and Murad at P.U.B Reservoir Gunung Pulai

 king of the hill!

In these past 3 months also,   I have had my schedule full with the regular NR’s....with the Tamago’s and also the infamous CW rides with few of my some point I even had four NR’s in a week! Guess I really am enjoying these NR’s...especially to Stulang and around town.
My passport has also being put in good use lately...there were few trips across the causeway with few of my buddies, mainly in search for bike parts...for me, I took the opportunity to add few stuffs to my Fox riding gear collections with few jerseys and a collection of T’s and other gears and apparels. And did I mention I purchased my first Five Ten Hellcat shoes from Chain Reaction Cycles?  =p

 Orchard Road, Singapore store in Orchard Cineleisure...nice place...nice chick...hehe

There were also few more upgrades to my Chameleon...other than a full set of XT components, I also adding in a Sunline V-One bar, ODI TLD grips and 2 sets of wheel sets....both with ZTR Flow rims with Hope pro 2 hubs laced with DT Swiss competition spokes. Why am I having 2 sets of wheels? Well...I see that I’m beginning to enjoy riding road fairly as I enjoy going off road...rather than switching tyres which can be tedious...why not having two sets of wheels; one for each ride? For that purpose, one set is being wrapped with Continental Race King 2.1 rubber while the other with Continental Mountain King 2.4 (F) and 2.1 (R) far I’ve no complaints with both tyres as it worked perfectly.

So far I totally am contented with the current setup...the only thing in my wish list is a set of 2011 Fox Talas 32...hey? birthday is in October....I wouldn’t mind receiving my present early if you know what I =)


Few of my friends have upgraded themselves from riding hard tails to full suss bikes... Panjang, EG, Akmal, Riza, Hakim, Shukri and Joren. I have also considered building another bike...a full susser this time....I have a thing for Santa Cruz bikes...and Nomad has been my favourite for a long time...but the price tag is too much for me...maybe next year....hehehe

 pick your choice......
There will be an event coming in April....well, there are two, held in UTM while the other is a jamboree in Yong Peng. Personally...I prefer to ride in Yong Peng as it covers more distance rather than the 35km UTM MTB Quest...but since the UTM event is organized by a friend of mine, I’ve decided to get myself registered and forget the other. Nuff said!

So....if you have no riding plans on April 10th, why not join the event? You can check out the event here.

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  1. wehh terase rindu lak nak ride kat jb ni....

  2. meh ler turun ride event UTM?kesian mtb ko tu....da amik lum?hehehe