Sunday, March 27, 2011

Registered - GUMQ 2011

I finally registered for the GUMQ which is going to be held next 10th April. Few decisive factors why I chose to join in...first of a support to a local event 'organized' by fellow rider, prof Julian..which also one of my CW riding buddies..secondly due to the convenience of the event venue which located much,much nearer than the one in Yong Peng (no over-nighties or early morning trip to event venue!) and finally because of the lucky draw prizes....kinda hoping I'd hit the jack pot and bring home the main prize, a brand new Giant Faith frame...well....everybody's wishing for that too...hehehe

I've also had the opportunity to test ride the event trail twice...although not to my liking...I quite enjoyed few parts of the trail...which part?...let it be my secret.....=p

First trial leaves me with a dilemma...whether to join in or not...the second one, yesterday morning...was more enjoyable...maybe I was more relaxed and able to tackle nearly all parts of the trail.... distance for the trail was about 30km...comprising a mixture of tarmac,off road, rocky descend, freakingly scary steep downhill, lung busting tarmac hill climbs and wide open trail...sadly no single trail at all...I guess to me, the only attraction to the event is the lucky draw prizes...hahaha

We'll see how lucky I'll be on that day...=)

By the way, I'll be joining Lond to ride Bukit Timah trail first Singapore ride..and hopefully not the last...I'll update the whole thing after I get back, okay?

Till then..

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  1. u take the faith, i take the reign, ok?
    see ya there!