Thursday, July 15, 2010

EKY's Chicken-wing Nite Ride 16/07/10

plan : kayuh2 cari makan with Eky to Stulang Laut's Hawker Center
date & time : 16/07 (Friday), 9.00pm sharp
destination : Stulang Laut hawker centre
suggested route : BBU -> STF-MPTI hill climb -> Puteri Specialist -> Larkin Bomba -> Century Garden -> Taman Pelangi -> Stulang
Distance : around 25km
RV point : parking lot at Restoran Habib, BBU

wanna experience a different kind of nite ride?....have seen my previous post with the staircase DH?dare to try it?....wanna have a taste of the most talked about marinated chicken wings in JB?...c'mon and spice up your Friday night with a fun filled, thrill seeking nite ride ever........

lets ride!.....

 jom lah?ride with me.....hehehe

**if you have no clue where's the place....ask Eky at 017-7721901!
***this is not an organized ride or anything...just a normal nite ride with some chicken wing crazed friends like Eky...ride at your own risk..

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