Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Eky's CW Nite Ride 24/06/2010

 Last ride's photo.....me taking on the stairs..

Eky had been asking for another NR since they all enjoyed the first chicken wing NR last Thursday. I must admit, I enjoyed it too. The idea of gathering some buddies and go riding to a specific destination for makan-makan is cool....other than filling in your tummy...it's a great way for work out and spending time with friends..and I'm proud to be able to organize one...=)

About last weeks ride....I couldn't say the same for Najib though...that dude was riding a roadie..must've been bored as hell to watch fellow riders enjoyed stair DH, bunny hopping, manuals and such..hehe...but I guess he's doing it for the sake of cycling....but anyhow...I hope he'll come to his senses and start riding his Specialized again...I felt sorry for his bike....=p

Anyway.....to respect Eky's request, I've planned for another ride; sent out invitations, taking confirmations, charting possible routes, posting in FB, checked out the weather forecast for any possible weather blunder and lastly, sending out confirmation SMSes....that's a lot of work there.....

Finally, I managed to round up a decent 10 riders for the NR...Okaylah?

I was running late. My training for the day ended late at 8pm. Shoot! Got another hour to go...Waited for my wife to pick me up at City Square, drove home and geared up. No time for dinner....but no matter....Eky had promised a dinner treat for me....we'll see.......hehehe

Along reached my place around 8:50pm. After he geared up, we both headed to the RV point at nearby Restoran Osman. Eky, Bita, Prof, Izad & Izam was already there...busy unloading their bikes and stuffs.... Azam and Wan came shortly after that. The ride started late, around 9:50pm..."somebody" was taking their own sweet time to get themselves ready...that's why it was delayed for more than 30 minutes... =p


There goes my timing and perhaps my 12 midnight cut off time.....=)

We started riding via the planned route-thru BBU heading to Larkin via NPC, STF and the MPTI hill climb. I was going at a considerably decent pace but had to stop for a while at the junction near Jalan Datin Halimah to regroup with the others.

 Azam's first puncture

After a short breather, we all continued riding heading towards Larkin Perdana via the bus station and had to stop again near the Larkin police station due to puncture suffered by Azam. We took another 10 minutes break and then continued riding via Larkin Perdana, Taman Suria, Kg Kurnia, Jalan Kebun Teh before turning in towards Melodies Garden. Instead of going straight towards Holiday Plaza as planned, we took a detour to Jalan Chengal which saw us crossing the Tebrau Highway via a pedestrian overhead pass. Some of us took the opportunity to ride down the stairs!The steep angle looked scary...but these guys seemed to enjoyed it a lot. =)

Along going down the stairs at Sentosa

Another rider attempting the DH....foiled halfway...hehe

All pleased with the encounter.....let's do it again?

We then head on to our destination; the Taman Sentosa hawker centre. There, Eky made a surprising decision, he wanted to go to Stulang Laut for the chicken wings instead....though surprised with the plan change, the majority agreed and so...off we went.....that definitely puts off any hope to reach home by 12....Dang!!

We rode along Jalan Sutera before turning in to Jalan Kasa 4 and proceed to the connecting Jalan Lembing in Taman Seri Tebrau...then moving along Jalan Keris, Jalan Rentaka and exit to Jalan Serampang. We continue riding along the street until we reached the intersection at Jalan Pasir Pelangi where we turned right and heads straight to Stulang Laut hawker centre near the Duty Free Zone.

Finally after a long ride...I'm finally able to have my dinner....or supper since it's already nearing to 12 mid night....

We spent about an hour enjoying the good food and company of friends....it's not everyday that we'd have the opportunity to gather and hang out like this.....the idea of making it permanent comes to mind.....see how lah?......

After a while.....with stuffed tummies full of chicken wings and drinks....we all headed home via Jalan Ibrahim Sultan...passing Foon Yew Secondary..and then continued along Jalan Tg Puteri, heading towards the Custom checkpoint...had to stop for Azam's 2nd puncture.Eky was suffering the same fate. Once fixed, we all continued heading to the staircase....most of us took the challenge and DH-ed down....no pic's taken....too bad....

The ride continues along the Lido stretch passing Danga Bay, Skudai Kiri, going over the Angsana flyover and finally reached our destination, parking space infront of Restoran Osman. After bidding farewell, me and Along headed home...

It was fun.....and meeting it's objective.... me and Along enjoyed it much....rather than riding the same route with the Tamago's every Tuesday and Friday nights.....we're enjoying different route with another group of friends....great!

I'm organizing another ride next week....same time...same day.....if you feel like joining.....gimme a ring.....the more the merrier......=)

**photo's courtesy from Izad and Wan Mijer...thanks!


  1. macam best aje ni. dah lama pulak tu tak nite ride on road dgn kau. we'll see how, kalau ada kelapangan boleh join insyaAllah.

  2. insyaallah bro.....td reza ckp nk join...moh ler?..kita kayuh2 cari makan...hehe