Sunday, July 19, 2009

First look...Deore 2010 group set

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Forget about those nay sayers..the new Deore sure looked me the crank and RD....decided not to change the FD and shifters as it is only a cosmetic upgrade from the old ones...the old ones works just fine....

The Deore rear mech is now Shadow flavoured, so you now get increased rock clearance for decreased cost

Looked darn better than its predecessor...

I have my sights locked on the super slick hyd disc brakes set.....ordered from Che Leng but still no stock yet...

Deore has gone a bit more angular and looks quite like Saint and SLX now, all good. As well as cosmetic changes there are some neat technical changes. The brake hoses and gear cables now exit at the same angle for tidier cable routing.

Guess I have to wait a while more before the minor upgrades is complete....hopefully before the for showing off....others with deep pockets will go for the higher end prefers practicality=quality=economical....besides, these are the only ones that I could afford....hehe......BTW....I'll be posting my used 2009 crank and RD in BBS...anybody interested?.....selling cheap....honest!......=p

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